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(spoiler) Anybody can tell me the ending of this movie?

It seems that there's no way to see this film. No VHS, no dvd... pity. So, can anyone tell me the ending for me?

(possible) spoiler.

I heard the women in this film want to find the man "with whom to repopulate the species", but also I heard that the women kill the old men at the end of the movie. If it is true, how does this happen?


the only person alive they find is the old man, never a young enough male with whom "repopulation" would be possible. i knod of expected a good bachannal scene combining sex, dismemberment and cannibalism, but not this film.
when they are set to leave the old man, he is so upset to be left alone again, he begs them to stay. They dont care and plan to leave but demand that he give them his gramaphone, to which he refuses, a stand off ensues, and they shoot him. bam! take the gramaphone and head out.
the end.

reminded me the entire time of tarkovsky's STALKER