Brilliant performance

Ingrid Bergman stars in a one-woman portrayal of a jilted lover's psychological breakdown. As she withers away in the confines of her apartment both alone and on the phone with her lover, the desperation is very real and raw and sometimes painful to watch. This is drama at it's finest, portrayed splendidly by one of the greatest actresses of all time. A must-watch for anyone passionate about theatre.

This play is part of a series of plays released by Broadway Theatre Archive. It is now out of print but it's available on Netflix.

"Talent is a vampire. Talent is a whore. Talent is American, always wanting more..."



Ingrid is simply superb in this!

Had been meaning to watch it for a long time, ever since I saw a clipping on YouTube, and the wait was surely worth it.


The whole thing is now on YouTube. Ingrid is magnificent.