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Amazing animation. Koreans did a great job in 1967

I never heard of this movie. The Koreans did a great animation job. We in the US never heard about their influence in making monster or animated movies. They are very talented. It is on the "Comet" network now. A young boy sees the monster dancing, he is friends with the monster looks like a crocodile standing up over the tallest buildings. There have been other monster movies made in different countries that were amazing and funny but we don't see them or hear about them. This movie goes back to 1967. It seems these foreign monster movies have more comedy in them which to me relieves the tension and makes them better. It is not over yet so I have to go watch the rest.


I'm not sure I follow you, when you refer to animation. There's no animation, in the sense of images drawn on a series of pages, which when filmed in sequence, give the impression of movement. It's a guy in a suit, trampling a lot of little models.

As far as the quality goes, it's about as good as the same effects in the original "Ultraman" series, and maybe not quite as good as the effects in the "Godzilla" movies of the same time. But it's still pretty enjoyable for fans of monster movies.

I saw this as a kid on Dr. Shock's Saturday afternoon monster-and-horror movie show out of Philly, around 1971 or so, and I love it as much as I loved Godzilla, Gamera, Rodan, Gorgo, and so on.

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