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Not as good as CIRCUS OF HORRORS, despite Joan

CIRCUS OF HORRORS (1960) was a great, trashy, quite lurid (for its time) B-movie horror fest, and a notch above the similar BERSERK from a few years later.

All BERSERK had was Joan Crawford (which is a lot) but was otherwise a watered-down version of CIRCUS OF HORRORS.

In my fantasies, the two movies are mashed together: Anton Diffring, Joan Crawford, grisly murders, plastic surgery gone wrong, Halloween color schemes, curvy sluts under The Big Top --- what's not to love??

They're both so darned similar (even using the same, real-life UK circus).

Could both films be combined and still salvage all the murders?

And maybe throw in a hurricane...

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I was reminded of "Circus of Horrors" too. While it lacked the charismatic Joan Crawford, it had superior women; in fact, it scored off the charts on the female front. But this one arguably has a better story, not to mention better and more animals (the other one had a couple fake animals, e.g. the gorilla). I think both movies are equally entertaining.


Another 1960s movie to use Billy Smart's Circus was Christopher Lee's 'Circus of Fear' in 1966. I think 'Berserk' has got the best circus scenes of the three films.