on the cover of the dvd is written: featuring original animation by Terry Gilliam

but the animation is nowhere to be found!!

Could someone explain this to me??


I have a VHS (taped from British TV) that has 2 additional episodes, both of which have Gilliam animations. Apparently these are the only 2 episodes not owned by Diffusion TV and therefore not on this dvd (or so said a helpful poster on another thread here).

You'd think they would have CHECKED before printing that all over the packaging, you know?

I am stymied about how to get my hands on a proper dvd of those 2 other DNAYS episodes. They're great, and my VHS tapes are virtually unwatchable.

There is also another Gilliam animation called "Elephants", which I have seen about 10 seconds of in a documentary. The documentary guys had to cut that from SOMEwhere, so that gets me thinking that that must be out there too.


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Actually, many people aren't too happy with the half-a**ed approach of the company that put together the DVD. They made no attempt to clean up the video & sound, and the "bonus" material is identical to the "bonus" material on the "At Last, the 1948 Show" DVD set.

I seem to recall that Terry Gilliam joined the show in time for its Christmas special (not on the DVD set) and stayed throughout its second series (not on the DVD set, because only 1 episode of it survives). If this is true, then it would appear that the company behind the DVD slapped his name on the box because they saw him listed in the show's IMDB entry, or because they wanted to boost sales, or possibly both.

Gilliam's "Christmas Card" animation from the Christmas special was included in the documentary, "Life of Python".

The Christmas special was broadcast in the UK a couple of years ago, but it was a strangely jumpy, edited version, because David Jason had asked to be removed from it entirely. It would appear he's ashamed of his very early work. Based on what I've seen of his work on DNAYS, I think he should be proud of it.