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D.N.A.Y.S. is AWESOME! :-D

Just gotta shout it: This show is AWESOME!

I've just watched my DVD of "Do Not Adjust Your Set" and it's really, really good! I read about it in a book about Monty Python, and at that time, no copies were know to exist. I thought it was dead forever. Then one day I found out that some had been found and it was on DVD. I was expecting it to be pretty good, but no-- it's REALLY good! So much fun!

And it's got the Bonzo Dog Dooh Dah Band from The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour playing weird, cool songs each episode. As if things couldn't get any better. And then they do-- Eric Idle occasionally plays and sings with them. Lovely!

Whoever thought is was a good idea to erase this series deserves to be tarred and feathered. But he's probably dead by now anyway.