Does anyone think it's odd that no other Jerry Lewis films are listed under recommendations for this film?


funnt that---cause the one movie this thing reminded me of was Jerry Lewis' "BOEING-BOEING"

similar premise---Jerry trying to pretend have relationships with three different women for the sake of his friend Tony Curtis...who's juggling relationships with all three and doesn't want any of them to find out about the others so Jerry pretends he is the one having a relationship with them...which leads to a lot of complications.

Only thing is BOEING-BOEING was a lot funnier...this movie was kinda flat had some nice moments here and there, but for the most part--Jerry pretending to be four different people apart from himself never really comes off all that funny. (and could anyone ever really think of him as a woman when he's dressed up as Heather? Here a Bug, There a Bug, Everywhere a Bug-Bug!)

the white zone is for unloading passengers...

who shot who in the what now?