Ahhh, The Good Old Days

Mike Henry was a decent enough Tarzan. He had the looks, the build, and the charisma to play Tarzan. Unfortunately, the films themselves lacked quality writing, directing or, apparently, a budget. Still, they were exciting, the locales were exotic and the idea of having a lion and chimpanzee as a pet was most kid's fantasy. Valley of Gold is the weakest of the three Henry films. There just doesn't seem to be a lot going on. The dialogue is horrendous, the scenery is cheap looking, and the obvious stock footage cut ins of real animals in Africa was poorly done.

The supporting cast is pretty non-descript, with the exception of Manuel Padilla. He would go on to play Jai in the television series with Ron Ely. Nancy Kovacks is pretty, but not enough to overcome her stilted dialogue and lame "damsel in distress" character. David Opatusho as the villain Vinero is so one-dimensional as to be cardboard. The henchman, Mr. Train, was a missed opportunity. I remember as a kid thinking he reminded me of a James Bond henchmen like Oddjob and Grant. I also seem to recall the climatic fight scene between Tarzan and Train being more brutal and epic. Maybe it was cut down on TCM or my memory is just not what it used to be. Still, the character could have been used much better.

I much prefer the last entry in this series, Tarzan and the Jungle Boy. It moved better and the characters were more interesting. By the time Jungle Boy came out, Henry had decided to give up on the character due to the physical toll it was taking.

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