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Coming to widescreen DVD on 4/28/09

Dark Sky Films has announced a widescreen (2:35-1)DVD of THE SHE-BEAST, due to street on April 28, 2009. The film will reportedly be mastered from European vault elements, and will have some sort of audio commentary track. Now, we can toss all of those terrible full frame transfers and see the film as the director intended.


I have an advance copy and let me say, it's quite nice. Good picture, widescreen... and yes, an audio track with Barabra Steele herself! (Also Ian Ogilvy and producer Paul Maslansky.)

It also has a nice subtitle option if you're into that (I am).



I just bought this Dark Sky Films DVD release of Michael Reeves' THE SHE-BEAST and this version really blows away all previous public domain video copies of this film. It's a great anamorphic widescreen version of the film in gorgeous color and sound with a great informative and amusing audio commentary by the film's stars, Barbara Steele & Ian Ogilvy and the film's producer Paul Maslansky(Police Academy). I sincerely recommend this DVD release to all Michael Reeves and Barabara Steele fans.