The Snaggled-Tooth Witch is well worth the watch! One of the funniest and at the same time, creepiest movies I've seen recently. Im tired of the CRAP horror movies Hollywood is spitting out!!! Thats why I go back and find gems like this one. IM SICK OF C.G.I. IN HORROR MOVIES AND REMAKES THAT ARE CLASSICS!!!!!!!!!



The peak of my interest in this movie is in the beginning only.

We learn right off the bat (no pun intended) that the witch is very evil because a young boy just lost his brother and blamed her. We know something was afoot when we see decent Transylvanian church going people go nuts to destroy the witch. I was slightly paused by how they easily invaded her cave and dragged the old hag out. For a moment, I wondered if the witch wasn’t being framed. But they brought her to a make shift device that was all set and ready to go, (that catapult looking thing that was constructed on Gilligan’s Island) and strapped her in. It was the moment that she sputtered curses that, no matter how horrible it was, the townsfolk were doing the right thing.

All this followed by a note that said ‘Present Day’… and the first thing we see is a yellow model T puttering down a dirt road.

It was downhill after that. The chase scene made the cops look like the bungling oafs of the keystone cops. Even when they got their car back on the road, it didn’t take ant time for them to catch up to Helsing, Philip and Veronica.

This was already bad horror flick. Did they think the cockfight scene was going to help any?

I’m with darkmikel. This film (apart from the first 5 minutes) was a stinker.

Count von Helsing???? You GOT to be kidding me!!!

Smoke me a kipper. I’ll be back for breakfast


It will be on Chiller Drive-In next Saturday on the new RTV channel.


I like this film. The old hag witch was genuinely creepy and grotesque. Alas, Barbara Steele's role was basically an extended cameo and the slapstick last reel car chase seemed painfully out of place with the rest of the picture. Still, this flick boasts its fair share of spooky moments and overall rates as a fun fright feature.

"We're all part Shatner/And part James Dean/Part Warren Oates/And Steven McQueen"