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The girls of Matt's dream

When we first meet Matt Helm he's in bed asleep, dreaming of the three beautiful women, apparently models he's photographed for three different magazines. (Pretty much the only aspect of Matt Helm the movie retained was the photography, and the Southwestern home base.) Any one know who those women were? They look like they could have been Playboy Playmates. I was especially partial to the Cowgirl and the Fencer.


Cowgirl: Barbara Burgess

Fencer: Jan Watson

Fisherwoman: Marilyn Tindall

Tindall was one of the first Sports Illustrated swimsuit models and appeared in the first 3 Helm movies, as did Watson. Burgess was in the first 2. While they all looked like Playmates, never did the bunny mag, but clearly were casted because they had the build for it, and because they were "Slaymates," had killer looks...


Much belated thanks.