Amazing Movie

Another great performance by the Godess Anna Karina.
The story can be extrapolated to almost any organization and structured community.

Rivette does a great job on the cinematography and the screenplay. With a subtle offbeat soundtrack.

Great story (although a bit rushed at the end).

Diderot is always a great source for inspiration.


Cannot believe this is the only post on here about this film but I absolutely agree with you, this is an unsung classic, very much in the vein of The Life of Oharu which was Rivette's favorite film and undoubtedly a big influence. I love Godard as well but it was nice to see Karina in a more straightforward narrative where we can really appreciate her acting talents in a fuller light. I do agree the end was rushed but it did also have a good effect, similar to Vivre sa vie. Really need this film to have a theatrical re-release and finally be put on DVD.