I have this beauty on 16mm film. The colour is amazing, and brings back so many memories from school. The best way to watch this film is to have the sound of a projector going in the background. A reel classic!


You're lucky to have it. I have heard of prints being out there faded pretty much to pink.

16mm was the predominant medium The NFB published on back than and this was their most requested title, so prints should be common, it's just a question of how they were treated once reel film was shoved aside by crappy, murky VHS.

It's the way it was meant to be, though. When Bill Mason and Blake James were making this film they imagined a darkened room and a 16mm projector and a big screen, not a TV set and a living room.


For sure. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few hundred NFB prints on 16mm and was pretty excited to see that particular movie included. There's quite a few gems in there, but Paddle is a classic. I don't mind selling it for the right price too, if you or anyone else is interested.


I collect on Super-8!

I keep getting offers of 16mm prints but I don't have a 16mm machine. In the spirit of keeping life simple (which Bill Mason himself would endorse) I hope to keep it that way.

(Keep my wife happier too!)

I can show you where to offer it for sale though.