How to be a man

As ex-sheriff Jim Cole, Clint Walker embodies the substance of manhood, so rare in our current generation. He models bravery, honor, integrity, fidelity, strength, compassion, self-reliance, mercy, love and respect. He possesses the stamina and boldness to face an array of threats poised to wreck him and his loved ones, including a greedy neighbor who wants his ranch and a rogue grizzly dubbed "Old Satan."

He says to his wife: "Angie, there ain't a man alive that doesn't have trouble. How he handles that trouble is what counts. In every man's life there's a Cass or a Satan, one kind or another, trying to whip him, beat him down, destroy him. He can't run away from it. He's got to stand strong and fight! Whatever it is he's got to fight! That's how God made a man."