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DVD and Blu-ray coming June 26, 2012

Olive Films will release The Night of the Grizzly on DVD ($24.99 retail) and Blu-ray ($29.99) on June 26, 2012.

This is the first Olive release of a Paramount film that will contain an extra: a 27-minute documentary called The Legend of Big Jim Cole -- an Interview with Clint Walker.


A fine second feature would be the Big Ghost Basin episode of Cheyenne from 1957 wherein the Clint Walker character does combat with a mysterious killer.

One of the most memorable installments (for me) from that wonderful series!


I don't think I've seen Cheyenne since it was originally broadcast! Though I think it was or is on the Encore Western channel. Must check.

I wasn't big on western series as a kid. I kind of evolved into them.

But, more appallingly to say on this site, I've never actually seen Night of the Grizzly!

But the folks at Classicflix posted an editorial note with their announcement of this release saying that, since Olive's original announcement of its new batch of Paramounts in November, they'd had more phone calls, emails and other inquiries from people about the release date of this film than any other movie from anywhere. Now that's a loyal fan base!

So I thought someone should post the news. And as you can see...aside from you, old pal, so far, the silence has been deafening.


Listen -- that lack of response is probably due to the true fans of this title immediately dropping everything and rushing out to purchase a copy! Yes, they dropped everything, including their manners and neglected to thank the very stranger that kindly brought them the long awaited news.

I suppose I did not have control of the dial when I was a lad, being the youngest, I watched what my folks watched or my elder siblings deigned to tune in. I even watched The Pat Boone Show with my sister fer cryin' out loud!

Basking in the cathode rays was all that seemed to matter, taking my trembling, immature little brain off the thought of ending up a festering heap after Mr. K pushed the button and sent a rain of nuclear warheads our way.

So, Sugerfoot, Maverick, Cheyenne, Yancy Derringer, and the like from that era were standard fare in the house and I got an eyeful.

That particular episode of Cheyenne mentioned previously I remember the most and I only saw it on its first run back in 1957. Holy cow! -- I was only 5 years old but it surely impressed me because it was a mix of cowboys and horror.


Lack of response here on IMDB is likely due to the fact that there were more people following the Facebook page for "Night of the Grizzly" than the IMDB forum. Plenty of responses there.


I wasn't being serious, lakemom. Personally, I try to stay away from Facebook. The rest of the world can have it. As for the movie, the news is still the same, wherever you find it.


All right, I just got it: Bear-er? Grrr.

Who is the tall, dark stranger there?
Maverick is his name....

Off-topic (save for our lapse into TV westerns), but in honor of Jim Garner's 84th. And he ain't even in this film.


I would not have thought of it, lakemom62401. But I am with hobnob53 on this one, the FACEBOOK I leave to the whippersnappers. I'm sure it has its place in the world but not in mine. Too old....too old...

(I knew you would appreciate the bad, but wholly appropriate play on words, hob)

Here I thought I was George Jetson as I had learned to set the our newfangled toaster to heat up a bagel, then social media rears its head while I did. I can't keep up. Truth be told, I don't guess it matters to me.

Sail on, sail on.


You two stand thar a-gabbin' over some kinda "virt-chull fence", and meanways they's a grizzly bar a-gnawin' at the cabin door!


Must be a Yale man, Lovey.


Nonsense! What could possibly happen to an Old Fashioned?

And with that, I think it best to veer back to the original thread title, Skipper!

By the bye, on Pawn Stars yesterday they had a repeat of a program where some guy came in with the sport jacket Clint Walker wore in Send Me No Flowers (1964). He wanted $1200, but sold for $750, and afterward complained about the low price -- as though he'd been forced to accept it. I think the absence of claw marks on the coat lowered its retail value.


I figured you would get the Howell reference, hob, O, Child of the Cathode Tube!

The Cheyenne installment i Made mention of in my original 2 cents worth, also featured a most peculiar bear. A very eerie episode, very different for an oater ( I had wished that sort of spirit for the recent Cowboys and Aliens) and one that scared the tar out of me when I was a mere stripling.


Ah, but I trust you got the Mad World ref??!

CW never really appealed to me, which is probably why I never really watched Cheyenne, but that episode did sound spooky. I still have to look if that show is being run on the Encore Western Channel. Great training for Night of the Grizzly, maybe.

Come to think of it, in Ice Palace (1960), Martha Hyer's daughter grows up to elope with a "half-breed" (Eskimo/white) and both die after tangling with a Kodiak bear. More typecasting for this movie, I guess.


Mad World, yes. Jim Backus stunt double in rear of airplane cabin getting tossed around is a hoot, but otherwise he is more ways than one.

Well, we've once again bloated this thread to the top of the heap.

See you at the barricades!


James Cagney: One, Two, Three.

Yes, we seem to have contributed more posts to this film's site than have been made in years. I think about three of them are even relevant! Later....


Can't wait for the DVD. AND, Martha Hyer is gorgeous in this!.


I'm watching Grizzly now and it is stunning, to me well worth the extra cost for Blu-Ray. They don't make them like this any more and they should. There is definately an audience for this type of film.


Finally ordered the DVD from Amazon. It came today. The Techniscope print is in very good shape-beats the old fullscreen VHS tape hands down.And the interview with Clint Walker is entertaining and informative. Great movie that holds up beautifully.