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Trivia item NOT CORRECT

If you check out the trivia list connected with this film on this IMDB site you will see that the last entry focusses on the fact that Remington rifles are used by the actors portraying the Egyptian troops, fighting in alliance with the British. The entry states that this is wrong and that no Remington rifles of any kind were used at this time i.e. 1880's in the real world.
However, this is not correct. I recently read a brilliant biography of Gordon - Gordon , martyr and misfit - by Anthony Nutting.
In it he quotes copiously from Gordon's journal. Included in the journal is an inventory of weapons which Gordon's troops had with them inside the palace of Khartoum during the siege:
"...Rounds of gun ammunition......21.141
" Small arms Remington..2,165,000
" Arsenal turns out weekly..40,000

So the film IS accurate in its choice of weapons after all, the words of Chinese Gordon himself back it up!


Interesting, and thanks your correction to the trivia lists.

You might wish to also read the General's biography by John Pollock, Gordon of Khartoum.
I wrote him briefly a few years ago and he kindly replied a very few weeks later. (If you would like, can pm you his business address?)