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did she ever find her son?

after watching this movie, it came to my mind, what the heck, wait a minute, did she ever find her son? as i understand it this whole movie was supose to be about if "judith" finding her son, and after about 2 hours, the movie ends on the battlefield and.. well, the end, folks.
by the way, i got a pretty messy version of this, (printed in 1987, without main actress on the front cover! titled "conflict" and seems to have a re-arenged cast list, okey.), and the film has got blurry picture and some ugly cuts. considering it all, maybe the plot has gotten confused somewhere too. as if this wasn't enough.. uh.. what's that cover on imdb? chicken little?

a man felt like leaving,
after an uncomfortable feeling,
stepping in a coach,
headed down on, untill he reached a crossroad,
where i stood on my own, by the hippest sign i saw him go,
into a land of peace,
where all uncomfortable feelings did leave,
day or night, who knows by this funny sky,
villagers say, sit down,
gather around us all,
sharing dreams, tables and songs,
see that lady with the red dress on, satisfies the soul,
by the woods, the belfast brawler with leprechauns putting on a show,
the clock was ticking on, it's getting late,
saying, i tell you, i enjoyed this so much i did forget,
the folks there suited him fine,
and calmest feeling he did found,
do we have to get back to reality,
can't we sit a while longer here and dream.