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Will be on Svengoolie on 9/24/2016

Island of Terror (1966) will be shown on Svengoolie on MeTV on Saturday evening, 24 September 2016, at 9PM central time. 

It's been over a year since Sven has shown this color horror film. It was made in England and is quite well acted and very entertaining. 

Carole Gray is the leading lady. She was born in South Africa and had a short career, appearing in movies only from 1961-1969. She was married to the heir of a diamond fortune so maybe she was able to retire early 

Sam Kydd plays Constable John Harris. Sam had a long career as a character actor in British films. He was the son of an army officer, and saw combat in WWII. Captured by the Germans early in the war, Sam spent over 5 years as a POW. His wife, Lavendar "Pinkie" Barnes was an outstanding table tennis player and represented England in 3 world championship tournaments. 

Another good horror film from Sven! 

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This film always reminded me of the "Operation: Annihilate" episode from from Star Trek the original series. Not quite the same creatures, but similar in concepts. Both frightening, both released the same year. Solid sci-fi. Like jamesbwill, I'm totally looking forward to it!!

Next, I may be stating something that may already be known. Sven's e-mail newsletter has already released his September film list. But MeTV posts its programming schedule two weeks in advance.

If you go to the MeTV website and click on "Schedule" on the menu bar at the top of the page, the current programming for that day/date comes up. Inside the date box is a calendar icon, if clicked upon takes you to a monthly calendar.

You can "arrow right" to get to the next month's calendar and the schedule for at least two weeks ahead. The Monolith Monsters will be broadcast on October first, the date of the next Svengoolie newsletter release!

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This is a very good one, lima-2. Peter Cushing is really good at these horror roles.

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I think you have, too!! 



The Monolith Monsters?! Oh I am glad they are showing that one again, I really liked it when I saw it for the first time on this show.

As for Island of Terror, I'm looking forward to seeing it again too. If it's the same one I'm thinking of though I am so glad I'm not crazy about chicken noodle soup. 🌁 🍜


Thanks lima-2 for scheduling info.
That's All Folks


HAHAHAHA! I was just coming here to post that this was going to be on!!!

Man, I am SOOOOO excited! I LOVE this movie. I think I will have to stock up on beer & make a giant bowl of popcorn.

Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole


This movie freaked me out as a little kid. I watched it at my cousins one night, then off to bed.

Later, I woke to the noise of something making its way down the long hallway to the bedroom I was in. My imagination told me it was one of those freakin monsters crawling my way, going to turn me into jelly. The noise came closer, just outside the open door of the bedroom.......then my cousins dachshund peeked his head around the corner, looking at me standing up in the bed.

I couldn't sleep for an hour, even though I now had a fearless watchdog for company. I still looked under the bed before going back to sleep.


Watching yeahhhh love Svengoolie




Yeah I'm liking this movie 

"เ ђєคг๔ เt ฬคร ๒єรt t๏ кєєק א๏ยг єภє๓เєร ςl๏รє." 
"ฬђ๏єשєг รคเ๔ tђคt ๔เ๔ภ't ђคשє ๓คภא єภє๓เєร." 


Svengoolie did a great job airing this ---

I always thought this movie should be called "BONE SUCKER" --- maybe it would be misunderstood --- you know what I mean Vern ?