It just goes to show, people can dish it out but they just can't take it.

Tink gets awfully upset when Nicola is ready to move on after their fling. He's hurt that he means nothing to her. Isn't that exactly what he was going to do to her until he started developing feelings for her? Isn't that what the 'System' is all about - he and his friends' cleverly devised and efficient plan for meeting and having their way with the summer girls? They've been doing it for years. Did they never take into consideration how some of the girls might have felt? Look how they treat Nora (passing her off from one guy to another) and how they treat all the in-town, 'winter' girls.

Throughout the movie Tink makes it seem like what they're doing is the best thing ever. He tries to convince his friend not to get married and not to drop out of their group but the whole time, though he'd never admit it to his friends, he kind of envies him. In the end we see what's really going on. Tink has long since felt like one of the 'taken' but he's been acting like a 'taker' to conceal his pain. Aw, poor Tink; all alone again!