No Remake required

Seeing a remake on IMDB prompted me to watch the movie again. Its as good as ever and frankly speaking I dont think a remake is required. Some people may feel its dated, like no mobiles etc etc. But for someone like me who grew up without mobiles, felt completely satisfied with the movie.

It was still entertaing to watch. What else is required from a movie like this. Its not supposed to be a serious type. Why remade it? Or still, want to make a heist comedy? go with a different name, character names and plot, more suitable for todays generation. No need to destroy the original, by using the same character names and plot line. Then perhaps we will see sequels of remake like oceans eleven and people will completely forget about the original.

At least movie title and character names should be different. A new movie inspired by Gambit but still different would have been a better option. Or they have lost all the creativity to do something new?


I agree heartily, King-Rishab. I've just watched this fr the first time in ages — I wasn't actually aware a remake was happening — and thoroughly enjoyed it. Everything that matters holds up very well, and it benefits enormously from the personalities of the three leads.

At the risk of overstating it, I think the constant need for remakes and reboots shows a wide streak of narcissism in our current culture. That's not a good thing, not least because people miss out on so much pleasure from the work of preceding generations.

You might very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.


No remake was required but they made it!

It's that man again!!