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The 1st person to here about a remake? ----(May 31st 2004)


ive just heard that they are going to remake this film and i just wanted to prove to a couple of friends by the time it comes out that i seen it long before it got a big buget remake.

its happened with films like Oceans Eleven, Vanilla sky (Open your eyes), and more importantly The Lady Killers.

As soon as they get remade everybody jumps on the band wagon and says that they have seen the original....or dont believe you when you say you seen the original first (thinking your probably just saying it to look cool and havnt actually)

Well i have seen GAMBIT, its a great little movie and one that deserves to be seen in its original form.

I have no idea if the sequel will be any good, but heard that Jennifer Aniston is taking on the female lead this time.

So heres proof that ive seen it. A few other recomendations would be:

Doctor Terrors Vault of Horror (peter cushing as a fortune teller on a train)

oh and The Bells of Saint Trinians. (they'll do it with Britney probably)



peter marwood


P. Marwood,
I've also seen Gambit too and enjoyed it very much so. I am a huge Michael Caine fan and I thought Shirley MacLaine played very well with Caine. I haven't hear anything about a remake of this movie. I don't know if I'll go out and watch it. I generally perfer the originals of movie and not the remakes Hollywood tries to push off to get people on the bandwagon. I definantly agree with you on that. Most of the movies I like have had remakes which look far INFERIOR to the original. Movies such as Ocean's Eleven with the Rat Pack, such as The Manchurian Candidate (also starring Sinatra) are all classic originals. I don't think this remake will be as good as Michael Caine's. Though I guess we'll have to wait and see. Do you have anymore info. on who will be playing Harry Dean?


They actually are going to remake this movie. I really love the original and I'm probably going to see the remake too even though I hate remakes.

Jennifer Aniston and Ben Kingsley will be in it, but they obviously haven't found who will play Harry Dean.


Just heard that it might be Colin Firth who plays the role, although I'm not sure yet. We just got the news he will star in Gambit, starring as a art curator? Is that the role of Harry Dean?

I have not seen Gambit, it was made in the year I was born. *LOL* And I can't remember ever seeing it on TV.

But if Colin is playing in the re-make I will certainly watch it. I'm a big fan of him!



i'd vote for jude jaw to play dean. not cause i like him...just cause that's who the studios would pick


Remakes are made for one reason! Instant name recognition gets viewers into the theatre faster than anything. There are thousands of books waiting to be produced as movies, but they'll have to wait till every movie ever shot is remade and remade again.

Get a life, read a book.


I can't imagine remaking this film is for money considering nobody has seen this original.

But nobody ever considers remakes as superior to the source material so there's no need to worry - remakes just exist and are there, without ever meaning anything to anybody.

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Another Hollywood remake. I hope this one will be better than some of the others that have some out latley.

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The Italian Job was a remake too.

reply was "The Thomas Crown Affair"


This looks like the remake you may be expecting

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Look it up right here - scheduled to be out in 2009 and with Colin Firth as Harry Dean and Ben Kingsley as Shabandar. And I don't know what some idiot is thinking, but Jennifer Aniston as Nicole. (As if she could ever compare to Shirley MacLaine!)

I like the rest of the cast but god, I hate remakes. And the original was so clever and fun.

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AMEN samanthaseaotter. Who's gonna wanna steal a statue with Jennifer Aniston's nose?


Weird. Its over four years since i made this post and the film still aint out.

Looks like i was right about Saint Trinians though, although Gemma Arterton from Tess of the D'Urburvilles and the next Bond film was a much better choice than, as i put it, a Britney.

I'm worried about Ben Kingsley as i happened to catch the end of Thunderbirds on ITV2 last Sunday. Erm....


But you were right. I don't usually like remakes but I think Colin Firth & Cameron Diaz could pull this off. But the original is still 24k gold in my book!

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Is that a money-back guarantee, Peter?
By the way, it's hear, not here.


The Lady Killers

Whoa! That remake was also written by the Coen brothers! Foreshadowing?


Dude is psychic.

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The Coens should be trying to avoid remakes.

It's that man again!!


What about TRUE GRIT?