Did this movie creep you out as a kid?

I remember seeing this first when I was about 5 or 6. The Green Gargantua really creeped me out back then. I actually had nightmares that I would look out my bedroom window and see him running about our neighborhood, looking for one of us to eat.

And the first time seeing it was on a 13" black and white tv. It kinda added to the creepiness.

My son and I watch the movie together now. He loves it and the Godzilla movies as well.

What's really funny is one night, I turned on the TV and the Dallas Mavericks were playing. My son pointed at Dirk Nowitzki and said "Dad! It's the Brown Gargantua!"


I've heard that elsewhere regarding Dirk Nowitzki. Yes, I could see some similarities!

And yes, this was basically the only Toho giant monster film that did creep me out as a child. The scene where the two fisherman grab the green gargantua with their net, and one of them looks down, only to see the monster looking right back at him from below the water was for me especially terrifying.

Who would have known that years later, I would have my picture taken with the man who played the green gargantua, Haruo Nakajima.


"Who would have known that years later, I would have my picture taken with the man who played the green gargantua, Haruo Nakajima."

That's awesome! From what I understand, he liked playing that role more than most of the Kaiju he had done as it gave room for more expression, especially since you can see his eyes.


Yep; that the scene that I remember most scaring me. It's actually still pretty creepy.


That's the scene that bugged me when I was a kid, too. It put me off of peering into the neighborhood creek for a week or two and I seem to always spare this movie a thought if I stay out on a pier fishing all night.

"It's a dog-eat-dog world out there and I'm wearing Milk-Bone underwear."


Totally creeped me out at 6. I was spending the night with the grandparents and I was told I couldn't watch it. Of course that made want to see it even more. I snuck out of bed, watched it until I scared myself silly, and then went to my grandparents room and stayed on my grandma's side of the bed until she woke up! I was in some pretty hot water the next day once they figured out why I was so scared.


I had the same experience. The Godzilla monster didn't scare me because he was slow moving and you could out-run him. It was simply a giant lizard and lizards aren't very scary since we all play with them as children.

But a giant, hairy, green, man-eating, freaky looking creature...now that was creepy. It scared me as a child, especially when he ate the woman at the airport and spit the dress out. Godzilla never ate anyone, he just tore down buildings, lived on an island.

Odd but I'm 50 now and I still have nightmares about the Gargantua monster. You can't out run him and he'll eat you if he catches you!

Funny thing though...his "roar" sounds like he's saying *beep* Silly flick but I still enjoy it!


Black n White TV. Wow Those were the dayz lol The first site of the GarGoon (my nickname for him)jumpin out of the dephs of the sea, and fighting the giant squid was scary and awesome!


Yeah; there was a scene or two that scared me too! And yes; both involved the green Gargantua.


Had nightmares as a kid, still freeked out by Gaira (green gargantua). The airport attack where he ate the woman and spit out her Clothes still scares you out.


I am watching it now after nearly 40 years. When I was a kid, I remember seeing it on Boston's Channel 56 Creature Double Feature block on Saturday afternoons. This was one of the scariest movies I saw as a kid (the other being BURNT OFFERINGS).

The scene where the fisherman look into the water and the Green Gargantua is looking up at them still kinda freaks me out. And watching the English-dubbed version with a martini cocktail is a total hoot. The dialogue is hysterical!

I totally recommend this movie for all generations!


I watched it on Creature Feature as a kid, maybe 7 or 8, it creeped me out too!

I alway remembered when the green one picked up the oriental lady chewed her up and spit her out. She looked like a piece of gum when she hit the ground.

Good campy horror!


Hurray; a fellow Channel 56 Creature Double Feature fan!

Others have already mentioned that the movie was pretty darn scary even on a fairly small black-and-white TV, and I found that to be the case as well (but as a weird kid, I enjoyed being scared). I agree about that underwater scene with the green gargantua; that was unexpected and really creepy.

When I finally saw this film in color on a flat-screen, I almost felt something was missing. Maybe I'll have to rent it again and turn the color off! Makes the gargantuas a bit hard to tell apart in some scenes, but I'm curious to see how it would be to see it "the old-fashioned way" again.

Now that I'm discussing it I find I have that stupid song in my head... argh!


a little bit but it was still alot of fun.
the green gargantua creeped me out especially when they showed him eating someone..his teeth...eww...


Scared the hell out of me.

Used to show it on late night PIX 11... chiiiiiiiiiillllllllerrrrrrrrr.

"God Hates Us All"