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Looks like I picked a fine time

The line by the General or whomever "looks like I picked a fine time to quit smoking" - I think is ripped off in Airplane (flying high in Australia) where Lloyd Bridges keeps remarking, "looks like I picked a fine time to stop (smoking/taking amphetamines/sniffing glue etc).


Nope. It's taken directly from the source for "Airplane!"...namely "Zero Hour!". The Zucker brothers recorded Zero Hour! by accident searching for commercials to parody when making Kentucky Fried Movie. They ended up copying so much of the film for a new screenplay (for comedic rather than dramatic effect) that they were worried about getting sued. So they bought the copyright to "Zero Hour!"

Check these sample quotes:

Word-for-word, exactly like their parody. Naturally, there was no glue sniffing going on in the original movie...only by the guys who wrote this cheesy dialogue.

EDIT: a little A/B comparison I got on the Airplane! board: