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help understanding her line

in the scene where jenny and arthur are sitting on the steps and he's upset because they haven't consummated the marriage yet, she says a line about dora's 21st birthday and for the life of me i cant make out her words. Arthur responds with maybe it would have been better and broken the ice. Does anyone know the line she said?


She says at that party that she had a hard time keeping him off of her. I'm guessing they were making out and he wanted it to go further, and she had to put the brakes on it before it did. I think she goes on to say she was glad they hadn't because she wouldn't have been able to wear white at the wedding.

You can check it out their conversation here, (it starts at about 5:30)

I can see (or actually hear) why you weren't able to make out what they said, their accents at times were quite hard to understand! I caught it on TCM and had to rewind a number of times because a closed caption wasn't available.

Hope this helps!


I am from Bolton, and love this film. All she says re the line mentioned is

'I had a job holding you back'

Which is local dialect for it for she'd had a bit of a task cooling his ardour previously. ie before the problem!