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Much more than just a surfing documentary...

It's hard to explain it, but I really enjoyed this documentary. And I really have zero knowledge of surfing. I read somewhere that this was a good movie to watch in the summer... and they were right.

But what I really liked is that this documentary shows the beauty of the world as a whole, not just surfing.

Overall, really left me with a positive mindset at the end. Great stuff.


I got the same sense. Watched it for the first time last night and it was like watching "Globe Trekker" or something, but with funnier, more light-hearted narration. I assumed it would be a serious surfing documentary, but it was more like old-time home movies, only shot on 16 millimeter instead of 8.

(I know next to nothing about surfing as well, but I live about three miles from Steamer Lane, so this film's sort of a local requirement, much like "The Lost Boys." Bonus: I know more about surfing now.) 😀