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'Search for Surf' - with Bruce Brown and 'Da Bull' Greg Noll

Slightly off-topic, but there are ZERO posts on the Bruce Brown, Dana Brown and Greg Noll discussion boards (except for the one post on the Greg Noll board where I posted this same question that will follow).

Greg Noll, featured in The Endless Summer, during the Waimea Bay sequence, made a bunch of surf movies from 1956 - 1961, several years before The Endless Summer. They were all titled "Search for Surf".

Dana Brown, Bruce Brown's son, sat down for months and compiled a reel of the Search for Surf films, then sat down Bruce Brown (who is very young in these films) and Greg Noll to watch the reel and record their commentary - which is priceless!!!!

I bought this on VHS many years ago from Surfer Magazine, maybe around 1990? Anyway, it is available now, as a paid download through The Surfers Network ( b914)

I did buy it, the quality is great, more people should see this, certainly if they have any love for classic early surfing days and want to see some famous spots when they were first surfed.

Dana Brown is credited as producer and director, Bruce Brown and Greg Noll get credit as narrators. As I mentioned, I think this came out around 1990 or so. How to get this listed on


I too have this on VHS from around 1990. Great movie. A lot of the best content ended up being used in the movie Riding Giants, especially the footage of southern california.


Hey! So great to hear from SOMEONE who has actually seen this film!!

Well, I did buy that download version from online and after some fiddling was able to create a fine DVD of it for my own purposes and viewing pleasure.

I have not seen Riding Giants, but, I have to say that at least half the pleasure of watching Search for Surf is just listening to Greg Noll and Bruce Brown remember their glory days being replayed for them on the film while trading barbs and jokes and stories. It's really priceless!!


I found Search for Surf on Youtube the other day. It's broken up into several pieces.