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COMIN' AT YA! is getting rerelease to theatres in 3-D!

Been in collaboration with Tony Anthony for a long time with this and now it's finally ready to hit the net.

The following is the official website for the re-release of Comin' At Ya! in 3-D.

The site contains a 5 minute promo reel of the film.
In flat only. Just keep in mind it will be in 3-D in the theatres.
Some slight changes have been made to the film (for the better).
Think what George Lucas did to Star Wars in 97' only this time it won't suck.

After you view the promo take the time to explore the site.
We have a gallery of the new film's posters as well as a short history on how this re-release came about.

As the weeks go by much more will be added so be sure to register yourself on our mailing list so you can be one of the firsts to be notified of the additions.
Soon we'll have an online store that sells posters, t-shirts, baseball caps and even the films rousing score by Carlo Savina.
A video gallery will be added eventually and will feature radio and tv spots from the original theatrical release of Comin' At Ya! back in 81'.
Behind the scenes footage, interviews and video reviews of other Spaghetti Westerns will be made available for download.

The site also has great sounds to set the mood on every page, so be sure to have your volume up!
At the moment the sound is only for Internet Explorer users.

Check it out and register with us!
And come back often!