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anyone know any still pics of it on the net?

i was fortunate enough to see this at the egyptian about a month ago, i wasnt to find a still from the film, preferably the wide shot with the 4 robbers standing on the edge of the cliff looking down the mountain. quite an amazing frame. lemme know if you find one. thanks

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At a tangent to your enquiry, presumably you saw it with subtitles; so why is there no DVD available with English subtitles? There's even a Russian disc available with Russian/French audio for Chrissakes!

While I'm ranting, the same question applies to "Serie Noire" (Jim Thompson's Hell of a Woman), Deray's "The Outside Man" and Franju's "Judex" - all of which I saw in the past with subtitles at the cinema or on the British TV Channel BBC2 - when it used to broadcast decent international films before it became a purveyor of moronic trash and darts tournaments!


Here's one with the four men standing at the cliff looking down. Excellent movie btw.