The correct film title

It is very frustrating to keep reading the title of this brilliant film referred to in user reviews as "Le deuxième soufflé". A soufflé is an egg dish made with various different components. This film is called "Le deuxième souffle": there is no accent on the last E. A souffle is a breath and that is why it is known in English as "Second Breath". Even the IMDB title does not include the accent on the E so why on earth would one add it? Did any of the reviewers see the film? Did anyone even remotely spot a soufflé in any scene at all? Even more hilarious are all the user reviews for Jean-Luc Godard's classic film "A bout de souffle", who again add the accent to the last E, which turns the title from "Breathless" to something like "The Last Soufflé". And again, the IMDB title for the latter does not use an accent on the last E so it is very strange indeed how some people just don't bother to simply read and check.