Question a long time coming

I saw this film in the theater in, I guess it was, 1966, and I didn't understand then, and still didn't last night, the purpose, during the heist, of that bloody screeching noise. Can somebody tell me? Did it have something to do with the phones going dead? And was that done on purpose? I'm not normally extremely dim, but I must admit that I did not understand the mechanics of this caper.


I was a bit puzzled by that too, but I'm guessing it was a jamming signal to stop the alarms tripping at the police station. As these signals would travel via the phone lines, its logical to assume that the interference may have knocked out all the local lines too. but this is all guesswork on my part!


Yeah, I think the squeeching sound was a kind of redirection of the alarms that traveled along a phone line to a central location like a security company or the police.

Remember how nervous the guy was trying to pull the right wires and rewire it all correctly? His hands were shaking as he was rushing to do it. In the beginning he had that schematic to study for the caper and said something like there were a few hundred of them and he daunted him.

Ironically, it was his foul up that probably got them caught at the end when the plane was going to be searched at the destination.

Because I don't think he meant to take out the phone booth lines. There would have been no real reason to do that. But he messed up and cut those lines off and that caused the repairmen to go to the bank and discover the employees tied up and discover the robbery many hours before they had planned it to be discovered. It was a screw up.

So the sqeeuching scene was key and that was the screw up.

It caused the police to call for searching every plane that had taken off in the "last 45 minutes" to be searched at their destinations. Because that was the time period between the robbery and the discovery of the robbery, because the guy screwed up the wiring. Without that mess up, they'd have had several hours before the robbery would have been discovered---because the bank wasn't due to open for a long time, which was indicated on the shot of the bank door with the hours posted.

They robbed if a few minutes after 3 when it had closed. By the time it was due to reopen, and the robbery discovered, they'd have been hours away by air and safe.

That included their plane--it was going to be searched when they hit Mexico. They didn't make it out home free.