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Agar flys himself in and right out again!

Love the shot with Mr. Rogers (John Agar) arriving at the crappy little airstrip in a Beech Baron.

It was probably Mr. Agar's own aircraft, and he flew himself in for a day or two of shooting and then quickly flew away again! So they shoot his actual arrival as part of the movie! Cheaply efficient!


His character rebuffing Francine York when she needed some nighttime companionship was too much. If I was an actor I would demand the scene be Real MAN is turning that down.
She is an elderly woman as I type this and she is still irresistible to me.


That wasn't Francine York he rebuffed. It was Shirley McLine. She played Brenda Simmonds who was pretending to be Mrs. West, the wife of the first dead man.

"Cum Grano Salis"