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I have never read as stupid user comment in IMDB as


"What can you say about a film where the unbelievably poor dubbing was added almost thirty years after filming ? John Wayne, this is not ! Clearly produced by a studio not ordinarily used to the genre (or have the Spaniards been watching this for years rather than subtitle a real Western ?) Could probably have been better with American actors as the dubbed voices did not correlate with the facial expressions of the actors and emotion was often lacking in speech in this movie. Other than reservations with the acting and voice-overs, I found the plot to be rather drawn out, and the lack of scenery made me wonder if they could only afford one set which was re-painted for the other scenes. Might have been better if it was made in America, but probably more of a special interest movie to be viewed in the original language by people who perhaps have different tastes from the mainstream Western Genre "


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I guess this guy was just miffled about the fact that Ricky Nelson didn't make an appearance with his guitar.
I find that people level these same criticisms against classic 70s and early 80s kung fu films. They just don't understand that what they're often viewing is a mistranslated, poorly dubbed, panned & scanned butchery that should never be used to slam the original director or actors.


I totally agree with the topic.

From 1966 to 1976 (roughly), Europeans WERE the pros when it came to making Westerns!



Italian films, from what I've seen for the most part, are usually dubbed very well. Not just the American actors re-dubbing their lines. I'm guessing European films were much easier to dub than Asian films.


Alas, this find of rampant stupidity can be found all over the Internet.

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I enjoyed most spaghetti westerns until they began sticking circus acrobats into them. Someone who could jump off a twenty foot building and then do backflips and kick a ball bearing into someone's forehead from thirty feet away just did not add anything to the story but distracted from it. I think that is when they jumped the shark. I am looking forward to the new Django movie coming out with Franco Nero.