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I watched it in the original Italian language with English subtitles..

and Franco Nero's voice doesn't sound like his own. Did they dub his Italian, and if so, why? I own around 30+ movies of his and hate when he's dubbed with another actor (fortunately that didn't happen too often since he often did his own English dubbing).


his voice wasnt used in the italian audio of django either


They often dubbed them even when they didn't need to. Tomas Milian is the best example. A Cuban who studied drama in New York and began touring in Italy, he can speak all three languages quite well and would mix it up in a given movie. But they thought his Italian had a slight accent so everything got dubbed. In his case and Nero's I think that's unfortunate. Even more absurd is when American actors like Lee van Cleef speak English it gets dubbed into Italian...and then back to English with a voice actor.

Basically that comes down to the "filone" system in Italy, where a cookie cutter approach was seen as smart business. The emphasis was on the radical subtext more than technical points. Annoying, but it doesn't spoil it for me!

lol That might be why Tomas Milian started that odd trait of his of whistling the movie's theme tune at various times. That always struck me as odd, because you have to ask if it's breaking the "Fourth Wall". I mean, how does the character know the movie's theme? But if you think of it in terms of your dubbing question, and my answer, "They just dub everything" it makes a kind of sense. It's the only thing he could "say" that wouldn't get dubbed!