Wrong director...

«A poor man's James Bond.
Author: dbdumonteil
22 January 2006
André Hunebelle was a good craftsman when it came to making popular swashbucklers whose hero was Jean Marais ("le Bossu" "le Miracle des loups" ).The spy thriller had the wind in its sails thanks to James Bond...»

This is not one of André Hunebelle's OSS 117... Pas de chance, hein ?

Also OSS 117 (the books) predate (first one on 1949) James Bond books (first one by Ian Fleming in 1953). Also the first movie based on one of the novels (OSS 117 n'est pas mort) predates in 1957 the first Bond movie based on Ian's Fleming novels (Dr No) in 1962. [I know there is a short 48 minute-long Casino Royale broadcast in a 1954 television adaptation.]