Spaghetti Western?

Correct me if im wrong but the phrase Spaghetti Western was a sort of derogatory catch all conceived by American film critics in response to Sergio Leone’s “Man with no name films” and there for would apply to any and every western shot by an Italian director w/an international cast primarily in Italy. I’m only stating this because so many fans seem to be confused as to what constitutes a true “Spaghetti Western”. Personally I don’t like the genre name…its silly and doesn’t adequately describe the usually excellent films it encompasses. That being said American films shot primarily in America w/predominantly American casts and American filmmakers aren’t “Spaghetti Westerns”. Though they might be emulating the appearance of such.


this is not a "spaghetti western" by my understanding of the term's meaning.

i do think it's a very good western, though.

i also think many westerns made post-leone,et al were influenced by the "spaghetti western," while not fitting into that sub-genre of the western.

gregory 022612.


The Appaloosa is not a "spaghetti Western," but in his introduction, Brando does seem to be imitating Clint Eastwood's appearance in the Sergio Leone Westerns. Those films had not yet been released in America or the English-speaking world, but maybe Brando or the director, Sidney J. Furie, had seen A Fistful of Dollars in continental Europe before embarking on this movie.