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Lackluster Brando performance?

I'm not so sure about that.

While John Saxon was amazingly impressive, Brando effortlessly manage to come out as the best in my opinion. His confrontation with Saxon's character was the highlight of Brando's performance; now, you can disagree with the fact that he was great, but in that particular scene, Brando shined immensely.

There was nothing dull or unconvincing about Brando; despite his lack of interest in the film in real life, he turned out to be the highlight most definitely. Saxon came a close second.

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There's a great monologue from Brando they don't show sanely. They just show this ladies' face when he talks.


"There was nothing dull or unconvincing about Brando"..yeah the scene where brando is caught and does the scene between saxon and brando.Is priceless i think who ever said it was Lackluster .Might of been looking for a character that was more over the top .Brando could of been a deaf mute in that scene he still would of conveyed so much because of his compelling and expressive nature John saxon held is own as well.

Brando is always truthful in the performances he gives i respect him for that

" Saxon came a close second" ..Agreed i actually feel like Saxon was toe to toe with brando in this one .Its similar to the dynamic between pacino and deniro in heat .Great performance great acting from great actors no doubt


Brando had his faults as an actor, but he understood well the idea that "less is sometimes more". His performance in this film is a bit understated at times, but I think it is the better for that.

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