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For a series about Time, they prove they know nothing about it...

I hadn't seen any of these or even heard of this series until a couple of nights ago.

Episode 1.11 was on... "Secret Weapon".

[Doug and Tony are transported to Russia on 16 June 1956, and sooner they receive an F-5 probe from the Time Tunnel personnel with the message "Meet Alexis".]

It is June 16, 1956 when they receive a message that they are supposed to meet Alexis on June 16, 1956 at midnight...

How could the writers or anyone else on this show not understand that Midnight of a certain date is at the BEGINNING of that date, not at the end of it.

It is 9:40 PM where I'm at... in two hours and twenty minutes from now, it will be Midnight --- that is tomorrow's date, not today's.

Basic stuff, anyone who can tell time and read a calendar should understand this basic fact.


On the 24-hour clock used by the military, midnight can be rendered as 2400 for the earlier day and 0000 for the next day. Most watches show only 0000, however.

I caught that also, but was more distracted by the pseudo-Cyrillic alphabet on the signs. There were a lot of phony letters mixed with actual Cyrillic.



Thanks, I wasn't aware of that.


That is not how I learned the meaning of midnight.

I learned that midnight does not belong to either date. It is the instant between the two.

And if someone said to me: "We'll meet you Friday at midnight", I would assume that he/she meant the end of Friday, not the beginning.

If they said January 1st at midnight, I would likely assume they meant the beginning of t he date,

however, I would likely ask for clarification, because I would consider the reference ambiguous.

(Similarly for the instant that is noon, not being actually part of am or pm).


There is no moment in between two days. Whoever told you that idea is insane or else they were on drugs. :)


wow, you are really full of yourself, aren't you?


Just the rest of this know-it-all generation...they have no perspective of the past... and I mean every aspect of it.

Enrique Sanchez


About time travel, that seems like a minor issue to be bothered about.

The key words being "time travel."


It isn't a minor mistake, it is a huge mistake.

Obviously, you're not understanding what I am describing.