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girl from uncle commercial found... sorta


I was going through some old reel to reel audio tapes, and I came across a recording of someone's tv playing in the background (but still very audible). Anyway, during the end credits of an episode of the Monkees tv show there are two announcements over "hey hey we're the monkees" music. the first one is for this show spoken by noel harrison. it's slightly distorted but this is what i can make out... "this is noel harrison, tomorrow night..." then it sounds like april 10th or something like that (i don't know, i can't really make it out because of the guy's accent and poor recording quality)... "attempts to torpedo a thrashed submarine smuggling plot. join stephanie powers and me on the girl from uncle. tomorrow night at 7:30, 6:30 central time on the full color network, nbc.". then it goes into a commercial for the concluding part of an episode i dream of jeannie called "the girl who never had a birthday" narrated by barbara eden herself. then the monkees music ends then there is a clip of some sort of fluglehorn or synthesizer music fanfare, then cut off to silence.

i have this snipet saved as a wav file on my computer. if anyone's interested in hearing what may be one of the only known promotionals for this short lived series, just email me at [email protected] and i'll send it to you.