Silly limitations

I get a laugh at the "sexist" whining about April Dancer and others like her, when almost 50 years later we're still no less sexist, only now with women and minorities in charge with affirmative action it's OK. The winner gets to write history and now that they're in charge they love downing "white" "guys" little different than the demeaning that was done to them, for after all, without double standards they'd have none, no matter how many, especially the kids, suffer, for it's all about me. Whether by male or by female, chauvinism is still chauvinism.
What's most especially silly about this series is
1. It's absolutely ludicrous that a global organization with all the manpower like UNCLE would be so incompetent in delegating responsibility they'd have to send Mr. Waverly all over the world at all hours of the day (e.g. The Carpathian Caper Affair) to "take care of Mr. Slate's bungling," which a good leader would know is no less reflective of his own bungling as a leader. I absolutely loved Leo G. Carroll in The Man from UNCLE, but here his part's been reduced sadly to rubbish. I'm very glad he got such an important role because he's such a fine actor, but whatever dolt wrote his vapid lines was manifestly guilty of malpractice.
2. The communicator. Whatever goof-ball thought up the clumsy incompetence of the primitive, big & bulky communicator that looks like a transistor radio after The Man From UNCLE's already established sleek and advanced pen version?! How absurd. Also, though the tritone tone announcing incoming messages is iconic for UNCLE, it beggars belief that secret agents would be stupid enough to use something that would give them away so badly.
I bought the entire series of TGFU on a lark and thankfully have a highspeed playback because most of the episodes are so bad that I just zip through them at 4x speed without hearing more than a handful of words and hardly miss a thing since virtually nothing intelligent is either said or missed when viewed at such high speed. The wonderful "VLC" media player is a fabulous player capable of fantastic alterations/corrections of both video & audio that vastly eclipses Windows Media Player, and even does a great job of speeding up audio mp3s (to 1.5x) when in a hurry without significantly suffering intelligibility, though usually audio above 1.5x isn't intelligible. Don't watch/listen to avis-mp4s(& other video formats, which & how many I don't know)-mp3s(& other audio formats, which & how many I don't know) without it!
Too bad they didn't have a series focused more on Mr. Waverly; frankly Napoleon & Ilya & April & Mark were just tiresome interruptions compared to Waverly's finesse so finely shown in TMFU but virtually absent in TGFU. No wonder the producers were so adamant about getting him for the part, even to lying to the company about his age to do so (at the time he was almost 80 (b. 1886 in an age of age discrimination). Leo G. Carroll was just a class act way beyond the others.
Still one can't take such fluff too seriously as such was never meant to be taken seriously, mere entertainment, it never having entered anyone's head that the technology would be invented such that video recordings would still be around 50 years later to view on laser disk at one's leisure! Amazing! Another 50 years and what we have will be similarly eclipsed.