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Why the lack of posts here. The world must have forgotten the guys who do the impossible.

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I got the DVDs a couple of months ago. I watched them on Saturday mornings during their initial release in 1966 and am having a great time re-watching them now. I am pretty surprised myself to find such few comments here since they were a pretty big part of my life growing up. The DVDs are excellent quality and I highly recommend them if you're a fan.

I also got the Space Ghost/Dino Boy The Herculoids and Moby Dick/Mighty Mightor complete series DVDs. Really great fun from the Hanna/Barbera heyday.

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I watched them in reruns in the 90s and bought the dvds too. However in contrary to my first post, it seems they still have lots of fans evidenced by how many likes just posting a pic of them on facebook got.

For some reason some of these HB shows don't have the most active boards here but seem to be far from forgotten. However i guess in all honesty a signifigant portion of the fanbase isn't browsing IMDB forums for cartoons often lol.

But some of the HB shows have pretty decently active posts on here though. And not just the big ones either. Their legacy stands strong decades later.

Gamefaqs has a far worse population than IMDB


Why the lack of posts here?

IMO, it is because it's difficult to find. If you type "The Impossibles" into the search bar, you don't find "Frankenstein, Jr. and the Impossibles." I saw a mattress commercial in 2016 and the way they did it reminded me of Multi Man. After looking on IMDB, I Googled Multi Man and found the actor that voiced him. Only then could I find this page.

The way this page is presented, it appears it was a one-time TV movie, not a recurring series.

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