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There were Two Daktari themes

Has anyone noticed that the first season opening theme is almost impossible to find on the internet?

The first season theme was done with an orchestra and had a more
"adventure story" sound.

The later seasons used an "African Native" sounding theme which might be considered stereotypical. It included rhythmic drumming, bamboo flutes and the word "Daktari" repeated in a chant-like manner.

Both themes were interesting, but the season one theme is probably less well known.


I know this is almost 2 years ago, but there's a version much like what you describe on the site called ""
Look under the "D" titles heading and you'll see a selection for "Daktari-German" and it sounds orchestral.

Hope that's the one you were looking for!


Wow! Thanks Neil, I've been looking for that theme to, that website is great.


neil-124, you have introduced me to maybe the best site I have ever laid eyes on. You do not know how many hours will now be wasted. A very late thank you, my friend.