DVD release?

Any word on a DVD release for the cartoon series?


All I know is this should be released. Classic cartooon that not enough people know about.

I'd like to see this and The Beatles Cartoons get released! What is the wait?


Completely agree. Would love to see both of those cartoon series released.


This could be a good sign for a DVD release.

I posted this to the Warner Archive Collection facebook page:

Happy Birthday Mr. Abbott!!! Any chance on a MOD release of the extremely rare Abbott & Costello cartoon show that Hanna Barbera made in 1967? *fingers crossed*

And here is the response I recieved:

Warner Archive Collection: We're hoping to bring you the A&C Cartoons, but cannot do so in their current state. The existing masters are dreadful...We're hoping to remaster them so that we can bring them your way at some point in the future.

So if people go to



and let them know you are interested maybe we will see The Abbott & Costello Cartoon Series be released on MOD DVD. Thanks!!