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Available in dvd in 2006 !!

Here is what I found on "":

"Earlier this week, the original film negatives of Yukio Mishima's Yukoku (1966) were "discovered" at the late author's residence in Ota Ward, Tokyo. Shortly after his death, it was publicly announced that all copies of the film had been destroyed at the behest of Mishima's widow Yoko. About 40 reels have now been found in what Japanese media refer to as an "airtight tea box". According to Hiroaki Fujii (78), the movie's producer (who at the time apparently urged Yoko to keep the original intact), the recovered elements are in "pristine condition". The film will be released on DVD by Shinchosha early next year."

That is a f....g good new !!


Yeah, I actually just heard about that recently (months after the film was found). I hope it's released soon! I'm really excited about getting a chance to see it.

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yes, DVD will be available in japan in April, however, its expensive.
in US $ ,it is bit over $50.00