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Connections to "Thunderball"

While watching the movie this morning I recognized a voice - that of Largo, the villain in "Thunderball" which debuted the year before. I noticed the person speaking was that of the hotel desk clerk, who did not look anything like Adolfo Celi, the actor who I knew had played Emilio Largo.

I looked in the Full Cast Listing for the movie and did not see any hotel clerk. So I looked up Adolfo Celi, and there it reported that he had been dubbed by Robert Rietty, a British actor. Looking down Mr. Rietty’s credits I saw he was the hotel clerk, reported as “Operator (voice) (uncredited)”.


Then there is Paul Stassino, the Greek actor who played Simmias in this film, also played the pilot, Palazzi, in "Thunderball" who has plastic surgery to replace the doomed RAF Vulcan bomber pilot.