Irony or something else?

The “What’s New Pussycat” script made constant reference to suicide – and Paula Prentiss tried to end her life during the film’s shooting [see Trivia]…

Add to which, by a relatively few years of this film’s completion, both Capuchine & Romy Schneider had independently committed suicide.

Spoo, ka-ka-kee, ka-ka-kee…

Hard? Try a 10 AM pitch meeting coked to the gills & you haven't even read the treatment.


It's called coincidence. Both died well after 1965

Romy Schneider suicided in 1982 after her son died from impaling himself on his step father's fence.
Capucine killed herself in 1990, probably as a result of loneliness. It was written that at the time of her death 3 cats were her only company.



Romy's death was declared a cardiac arrest, not suicide. Capucine was the only official suicide when she jumped out her apartment window. Prentiss somewhat recovered after a few years, and was back in films by 1970. Andress was the only other female star who appeared to have come through this film unscathed.

Call it the Curse of the Pink Pussycat.

I'm not Charlie! Don't shoot!


That's crazy.