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Actors ages when film released....

Just saw this today, have had fun reading the bio's here on IMDB. when this was
released the film stars were...
Woody Allen--------age 30
Peter Sellers----------40
Peter O'Toole----------33
Romy Schneider---------27
Paula Prentis----------27
Ursala Andress---------29
What an odd time capsule of a movie.I guess only Woody,Ursala and Paula are still
living ?at this time.Interesting that this was supposed to be written for Warren
Beatty, but O'Toole got the part instead--I was amazed by his physical comedy in
this-and I have always admired his acting, I just don't see the attraction to his
looks that others ( women) see.
Lastly,I haven't read any mentions of that weird go-cart sequence at the end of
the movie, for or against it.