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Stupid script (spoilers)

Watched 45mn... why Visconti is better known as Zurlini (or Bolognini), i wonder ! It's awful crap, each and every scene !

1) He manage to make C. Cardinale looking ugly, while she's so beautiful ! Just to kill everyone, to kill life ! It's an anti life movie, a dark movie. She's embarrassing a sculpture and her brother, rather than her husband.

2) The brother is almost incestuous with her, in order to chock audience, and he has no taste discussing her adultery in front of her husband.

3) Each and every time someone is bursting out in anger, everyone is angry for the slightest motif, like pure hysteria.

I HATE Visconti, form Senso on. Overloaded with false emotion and angry mood, no love, only neurotic matter, poisoning souls, no rules, no laws, only the law of the super egotistic ill-minded individual, the "discovery" of the late 60. The assumption of the pathetic bourgeoisie (along with Antonioni, cf l'Avventura, where all women look ugly and accusatory).

After neo-realisme all was garbage, also in France. It was without taste, without decency, without true feeling, just brutal, out of boundaries, ruthless.

But don't worry, there is even worse : Rizo amaro.