Loved It

I loved this film tonight. Just because Barbara Windsor and her her annoying voice got killed off pretty quick.


I did also!

I had just gone to bed, looking for something to watch as I go to sleep [and then set the sleep mode on so it will switch itself off] and found this film.

I didnt know at the time what it was and had never seen a Holmes film before, apart from bits of the Hound Of The Baskervilles when I was a lot younger.

I had just caught the start and started nodding off with the opening credits then I heard Watson mention Sherlock Holmes' name, and I sat up to watch for a bit.

From that point onwards I couldn't bare to sleep, missing an intriguing story.


I thought it was fantastically written and did not expect what happened when Sherlock told Watson to demand to speak to Ella Osbourne [not sure on her first name] and it was Sherlock disguised as the tramp fella.

Nor did I expect it to be Lord Carfax to be Jack, though I did not really put much thought into it being the time of night it was.


John Neville, I thought, was fantastic as Sherlock Holmes. I loved all of his reasoned deductions and was something of which to be in awe.

Anybody recommend any other Sherlock Holmes films?


There are masses of SH films. I particularly like "The case of the Silk Stocking".
Thought Robert Morley was great as Mycroft. The references to Holmes's violin playing were hilarious.


I really like the Hammer film you mentioned seeing bits off, "Hound of the Baskervilles". Cushing is very well-suited to the role. However I don't think I have seen any other Holmes movies.


this shyt is on tonight, bbc 2..if u live in the UK.



A Study in Terror Monday 25 August
12:50am - 2:20am
BBC2 London & South East
No fictional character has been portrayed more often on screen than Sherlock Holmes, but of the scores of actors to tackle the role, few deserved a second outing beneath the famous deerstalker more than John Neville. In this neatly plotted, at times gruesome, picture, based on an Ellery Queen novel, he gives a stylish performance as Baker Street's most famous tenant - a portrayal which is all the more impressive for the lack of acting or sleuthing support he receives from Donald Houston as Watson. Director James Hill re-creates the Whitechapel of the Jack the Ripper era with evident relish, and the solution is a corker.
I'm having it that 'Jack' was also the police surgeon at the time thus uncaught.


To ajsadler, I just got here but try:


I truly enjoyed this well plotted Holmes vs. The Ripper mystery. John Neville was a very charismatic Holmes.

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Her Annie Chapman character wasn't particularly sympathetic. Dressed herself up instead of paying her rent. Called another prostitute an old cow because she wouldn't part with any money which she had difficulty getting because of a slack in trade. So I didn't exactly cry buckets when Annie exited early.