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COMET is airing it regularly!

Our cable company recently added COMET (without telling us, of course). It repeats films a lot, including "Space Probe ~ Taurus".

Unfortunately, it tends to fill a lot of time with informercials. Maybe, if it becomes more popular, it will fill in its schedule. After all, HBO started with partial programming before going 24 hours-a-day.

COMET is unearthing some rarely seen movies=}

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Hello there MystMoonstruck  !

I also discovered this fine channel
just last month on my FIOS too   .

Also agree the shows on this channel are limited
but like you said when it becomes a bit more well known to all
perhaps this channel will expand it's programming by then   .

The movies are definitely rare ones ( to me as well )
and I haven't seen or heard of before either  
( excellent finds on this channel too !  ) .

IMPO - This channel is like a cross between TCM ( Turner Classic Movies )
and MeTV ( Memorable entertainment Television )  .

I just finished up watching this film here
and for the very first time too -
another great classic sci fi adventure
( and gave it an IMDB Rating of 10 ! )  .

I also noticed in the scene when one of the astronauts was wresting underwater
with one of the creatures .
It seemed to bare a complete striking resemblance to the same creature from the movie shown on this same channel this past Thursday night -
" War Gods of the Deep " from 1965 ( with actor Vincent Price )
( perhaps it was the same costume reused ? )   .

That movie WGotD will be on again - next Sunday March 6, at 8pm 
( Great film I recommend it !!  ) .

Here also is the Wikipedia page for the COMET TV Channel too .

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We also have COZI TV though it doesn't show movies as much as old TV series. Also, there's Heroes & Icons though that, too, shows mainly old series. Now, GRIT shows movies as well as some older "manly" series; it focuses on action/adventure.

So, for old movies, rare ones, especially sci fi/horror, COMET is sensational! I sometimes watch episodes of "The Outer Limits", but the movies draw me in much more. I'm so happy that they do air films multiple times; all the better to get a chance to see that obscure film I either saw too long ago to remember clearly (I'm in my 60s) or haven't seen before.

You are right about "WGOTD": The aquatic creature costume IS from that film. It's also mentioned that the "tongue" alien is from "Wizard of Mars", which I watched once on YouTube. I always enjoy reading IMDb trivia.

As for "War Gods...", I watched it Thursday. I had seen it decades ago but didn't recall much about it. There are a number of films I want to view again after not having seen them for a very long time. I love having films such as "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension" and "Eliminators" in the lineup, as well as "Troll". "Queen of Blood" I hadn't seen since the early Seventies, so that was a great one to catch; having it back to back with "Planet of the Vampires"/"Demon Planet"/other titles was a lot of fun!

(W)hat are we without our dreams?
Making sure our fantasies
Do not overpower our realities. ~ RC


COMET will air a junk movies 3 times a day 7 days a week 30 days per month

with the odd exception-what a JUNK channel


Francine York in a skin tight jumpsuit is far from junk or trash.
I love the movies, but I constantly have audio issues with Comet. I have enough retro tv channels to watch classics all day.