I know the write-ups all say that this film was released in 1965, but I question this. I am almost positive that I saw this film in a private, special showing at our local movie house in 1961 as a commerative of the 100 anniversery of the start of the Civil War.

Can someone set me straight for once & for-all?



Hey electroal. Just clicked on to your post and according to the American Film Institute Catalog of Feature Films 1961-1970 Shenandoah was released June 3, 1965 with the opening in Houston, Texas. The film is copyrighted July 24, 1965.

I don't think Universal Pictures would hold up release of a perfectly good movie starring James Stewart for 4 years.

You must be mistaken.
Hope this helps you out.

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Just reading the posts for one of my favorite movies.

I attended the world premiere for Shenandoah in San Antonio, Texas in June of 1965. I was stationed at Fort Sam Houston at the time and I will never forget the experience. I got to see the entire cast including the great Jimmy Stewart in person. I fell in love with Katharine Ross on that day and I still think that she is one of the most beautiful women to walk the face of this earth.


cool stuff. lucky you. it's a great flick!

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1965 would have commemorated the end of the civil war...
Could that be it?



It's amazing that 20 months passed in between the first and second post.

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